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Loyalty Points

*Triple Points Event 05/04/18 - 06/04/18*

From 00:01 on 05/04/18 - Midnight on the 06/04/18 Every £1 spent will = 9 points

600 cleared points (£67 spend) = £10 credit to e-wallet

Member loyalty points scheme

All qualifying orders will be allocated points on the basis set out below:

Every £1 spent = 3 points

For every cleared 600 points (£200 spend) = a £5 credit to e-wallet 

Rewards are credited after 28 days to account for returns/cancellations

You will need to register an account with us to collect loyalty points


Checking your points balance

Log in to your account and select 'My Points'

Converting points to e-wallet credit

To convert collected points into e-wallet credit - log-in to your customer account, you will see there is now a 'my points section' select that and you will see your current points - these points can be converted to credit by clicking the 'Convert points to E Wallet' link