Free UK Delivery on Orders Over £50
Kicks For £14.99 When you Spend Over £60


Would I be able to change my order?

We may be able to change your order but please note this is dependent on what point your order is up to in our dispatch process. 


Would I be able to add to my order?

Unfortunately, once you have placed your order we would be unable to add any additional items to it. You would need to place a new order.


Would I be able to cancel my order?

Depending on where your order is in our dispatch process we may be able to cancel your order for you. Please call or email us as quickly as possible.


How can I place an order?

All orders have to be placed online or through our app, we are currently unable to process orders over the phone.


I didn't add a discount code, can I do so now?

Once you have placed your order we wouldn't be able to add or amend any discount codes.


What is Klarna and am I eligible for Buy Now Pay Later?

For any Klarna related queries, please visit the following link


How long until my order arrives?

At the checkout screen we will show you delivery timescales for all applicable delivery methods


What delivery services do you offer?

For any queries regarding delivery such as timescales, prices etc please visit our delivery details page


How do I return an order and what is your return policy?

Please use the following link for all return details

If your question is not listed please email us on or via the contact form on the 'Contact Us' page