Stormzy vs Wiley, What’s the Beef? 

With all the chat about Stormzy and his slippers hitting the headlines this week, you might have forgotten about the ever-increasing tensions between the man of the moment and the widely proclaimed godfather of grime – Wiley.

There’s been a bit of beef across the grime-sphere this week, in traditional grime rapper fashion, the latest storm to hit the headlines seems to have stemmed from a bust up between GQ Men of the Year Award Winner Stormzy and Wiley the godfather of grime music, and the man behind such tunes as Wot Do U Call It.

What’s Happening?

You’ve got to remember that rap music, including drill and grime exists around a clash culture. The idea is simple, any issues or beef between musicians in the scene can be settled not with violence (like the newspapers might suggest) but with hard hit bars designed to put down another rapper. Rap clashes and rap battles are big news in the underground rap scene, if you’re really into it and haven’t done so yet, check out Don’t Flop Entertainment on YouTube. I shouldn’t have to warn you but I will, some of the lyrics are pretty hard hitting, bear that in mind.

Don’t Flop Entertainment – YouTube

Deep in the scene, battles happen in a freestyle setting, face to face. The big players in the game (usually the ones with cash behind them) however tend to air their dirty washing via more creative means, such as through creating diss tracks like we have seen from Stormzy and Wiley recently.

Most of this seems to stem from Wiley being involved in another sparring match with Dot Rotten, so whilst he’s on the subject of beef, perhaps Wiley thinks this is a good time to lay into Stormzy too?

So, Wiley kicked things off with a direct diss at Stormzy called ‘Eediyat Skengman’, referencing that Wiley simply thinks Stormzy is an idiot waste-man, a sell-out that has lost touch of the scene. Wiley also reckons all of Stormzy’s big hitters take inspiration from him, although we guess this is pretty likely, right?

Stormzy responded a few days later with what looks more like a full-on music video titled ‘Disappointed’. Stormzy takes a different approach on this one, spitting about what he thinks about Wiley over a drill track. It hits hard, and finishes with a clip of Stormzy sipping a brew saying ‘Wiley man I’m so disappointed’.

Both tracks here are big and bashy, you can tell they have both really thought about this. Clashing is a part of grime culture, stemming from dub and roots culture which still dominates the UK underground music scene today. When big stars like Wiley and Stormzy get involved however, you’ve got to wonder how much of this is down to their upcoming album launches, haven’t you…

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