Hottest Streetwear Brands of 2020

mens urban streetwear

Is it too early to call 2019 a throwback? It sure feels like it doesn’t it… What a year it’s been. Gym king, 11 Degrees, SikSilk, Nimes have really pushed their own unique styles on the scene, and, we can’t forget newcomers like Rose London, The Kings Club and Fresh Couture who have also made a huge impact at Urban Celebrity and across the streetwear scene.

As we leave 2019 behind, we’re going to begin with a quick peak at last years hottest trends, trends that have really set the scene going into 2020. Big brands, making big moves.

Gym King, 11 Degrees and SikSilk have been big players in 2019, releasing huge new lines in the Spring Summer season and of course helping up look great through the summer months.

Talking of seasonal changes, we should give a shout out to SikSilk for their jacket drops, they have been on fire this winter.

At Urban Celebrity, we’re always on the hunt for new and upcoming brands. 2019 has seen us launch a record amount, giving you access to even more trending super brands. Notable mentions for the past year go to; Rose London, Ace Vestiti, The Kings Club, Avora London, Fresh Couture and Loyalti!

2020 is a super exciting time for men’s streetwear and urban street fashion. Not only is street fashion becoming more prominent on the casual fashion scene, it’s also starting to be recognised by some of the world’s big fashion industry players. This means that when you’re reppin’ trending streetwear brands on your Insta, you’re going to stand out and your style is going to be seen.

mens urban streetwear

Here’s a few brands we want you to look out for in 2020!

There are a few other big guns to look out for too, such as KING Apparel, who recently featured their Bethnal range as a part of the latest series of Top Boy – probably one of the best things to hit Netflix in 2019 right?

We’ve also seen some huge movements from Nicce over the past few months, a streetwear OG brand that somehow slipped away from the limelight but is promising to make a huge comeback this year with new drops that we expect will have a huge impact on the street fashion scene, and of course on how we all look.

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