Get your Pump on with Our Top Playlists

New Year, New You right? With your new gym membership ready, a fresh pair of creps and a couple of new tracksuits to see you through your training sessions, I bet there’s just one thing missing from your intricate workout plan. The right playlist.

The tunes we choose to listen to can really make or break your workout session. Music inspires you, gets you pumped up and really allows you to focus your energy on the task ahead, why do you think boxers and professional fighters walk out to music? Why do you think international rugby players often kick off their game with a war song? It’s because the right music is a powerful tool, one that can push you to the very top of your game.

It’s hard work trying to find the right playlist, especially when you consider all the time you already spend planning your workouts and doing your meal prep. So, with that in mind, we’ve taken some time out to find some top picks for you, including a few bangers that you could add to your own playlists too!

If you’ve not done so yet, we’re going to recommend you get a Spotify account for this, the free account gives you access to loads of tunes, though If you want to make the most of Spotify, you can always go premium –

The Warm Up

Whilst you warm up, you’re going to want to listen to something with plenty of energy, but something that isn’t going to force you to peak to soon. Music to stretch to, and maybe even a light jog to –

UK Garage Classics by Spotify:

A couple of standout tunes; Booo! by Sticky and Ms. Dynamite, Rip Groove by Double 99 and Envy (They Don’t Know Vocal Remix) by So Solid Crew.

The Pump Session

Going big on the weights? Leg day, chest day, back day? If you’re on a pump session, you’re going to want some big sounds to inspire a couple more reps out of you. For this, we reckon you’re going to want to head down the Grime route. Big sounds for a big workout –

UK Grime by Reload:

Here’s some of the tunes that you’ll want to save; P’s & Q’s by Kano, Breathin’ by Ocean Wisdom and P Money and Morley’s Freestyle by Krept.

The Cardio Grind

If you’re on a big cardio grind, you’re going to want some tracks to help enhance your endurance that will really let you focus. Whether it’s a big run, a long bike ride or even HIIT training, cardio workouts are hard. Try this to help you along –

Drum and Bass Anthems by UKF:

And a couple of standout tunes for you to save; Tear You Down by Brookes Brothers, Generator by Dimension and Real by Crissy Criss and Wide Awake.

The Warm Down

What goes up, must come down. Every workout should conclude with a warm down, a quick session designed to allow you to stretch off and aid muscle recovery. Music is crucial here because it helps you settle back down and refocus your mind, ready for whatever it is you’re going to do next. Chill out, relax and stretch out –

Jazz Rap by Spotify:

Here’s a few of our favourites; Ain’t Nothing Changed by Loyle Carner, Electric Relaxation by A Tribe Called Quest and Feeling High by The Mouse Outfit, IAMDDB and KinKai.

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