The Kings Club | How It Began

A Delve into to the Origins of The Kings Club, Streetwear Fit for Kings | Urban Celebrity

Where it started

10 years of a group of best friends playing poker on Friday nights – 2 of them decided to take it to the next level and build a clothing brand around that lifestyle, in October 2017 The Kings Club was formed.

Why the name? the name came from a group of friends who have been playing poker for the past 10 years ‘Club’ , and to be known as a top boy or leader of the group they would refer to this person as a ‘King’ – the image for the brand is a redesigned club from a deck of cards.

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After years of being in the sports world & being a part of gambling since the age of 18 –the idea that we could connect a brand to match this sort of lifestyle, whether the person be into sports, gambling or just wants to be a part of that society, this excited us and is our purpose behind the brand and the inspiration for every product that’s released.

The Product

If we wouldn’t wear it then why would our customers” this is the motto behind the brand, aiming for the comfort of a training kit or sportswear but bringing that into everyday men’s streetwear giving it a premium look and feel yet available at an affordable price, it’s the perfect combo right?

So Far

After the launch in the middle of 2018 we sold out our entire range within the first 6 months with just a few thousand followers on social media and word of mouth from mates and footballers. This allowed us to grow and expand the brand seeing a summer release in 2019 attracting more high profiles in the sporting and gambling world. Leading onto the 3rd release for the brand which has doubled in size ready  for Winter 2019.

What’s Next for The Kings Club

The dream would be to take over the UK streetwear market, bridging that gap between streetwear fashion and comfortable sports wear. America is certainly on the cards for the brand with its name and logo connection we see the brand in vegas, connecting to the every day sportsman or gambler.

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