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Rose London New Arrivals Now Available at Urban Celebrity

Rose London is always one of the trending brands at Urban Celebrity. Their garments regularly feature amongst our best sellers and their designs are truly at the height of contemporary fashion. Rose London is a brand we want to shout to the high heavens about. What better way to do that than our take on the Rose London story? Sit down, get comfortable and read on, Rose London is a brand that you deserve to learn more about.


Rose London isn’t new to this game, as a matter of fact the Rose London brand has been dominating the urban streetwear scene for years now. The brand was founded back in 2012 and has grown from strength to strength over the past (almost) 8 years. Over this time Rose London as a name has grown in popularity and with that, so has their vast and extensive clothing range. When the team at Rose London first created the brand, they wanted to get involved in the up and coming urban streetwear scene. They saw a gap in this market for desirable clothing designs, created to the highest quality. Way back then, this sort of streetwear was an underground market, now though thanks to the success of brands like Rose London, men’s urban streetwear is hotter than ever before.

The roots of Rose London sit back within this idea of having desirable and highly sought-after clothing that is not created for the mass market, it’s created for style conscious individuals who care about how they look and they care about the feel and quality of their garments. That’s exactly why all Rose London garments are created to be comfortable, and are created to last. Simply put, their foundations hail back to two things, style and quality. It’s as simple as that.

The Range

Urban Celebrity stocks a vast range of Rose London products. As I have mentioned, their full clothing range is huge, though they have been at this just shy of a decade now, so it’s safe to assume they know what they are doing. The Rose London garments selected for sale at Urban Celebrity are available because they truly embody the Rose London ethos. The clothes are stylish, comfortable and are made well. You won’t be disappointed with any clothing products from the Rose London range, I can assure you of that. Here’s a quick look at some of our favourites:

Rose London Clean Denim Jeans | Rose London Cut Shut T-Shirt | Rose London Micro Dot T-Shirt | Rose London Ripped Denim Jeans

What’s Next for Rose London?

It’s clear that Rose London are going to be in this for the long run. They have made such a huge mark on the men’s urban streetwear scene over the past (almost) 8 years and continue to break ground in their pursuit for total style domination. They will always be desirable, through always designing and creating desirable clothing. At Urban Celebrity we can’t wait to see the Rose London range continue to grow as the team start to put out more new threads and continue to shape the urban streetwear scene.

How can you support them? By the clothes, it’s as simple as that. If you love Rose London as much as we do, then wear it with pride.

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