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Nimes // French Inspired Streetwear with an Urban Twist

Nimes, it’s a brand you’ve heard of and it’s probably a brand you’re wearing too. Simply put, at Urban Celebrity we love Nimes! Their clothing is quality, a nice fit and their designs are always bang on trend – that’s exactly why over the past three years of its existence, Nimes has grown from strength to strength, quickly becoming one of the most talked about urban streetwear brands around.

Nimes, Neems, Nims?

Pronounced ‘Nim’, Nimes traces its identity back to Nîmes, a small town situated in Mediterranean France and not far from the glamorous towns of Montpellier, Marseille and the stunning Parc Naturel Régional de Camargue, or the Regional Nature Park of Camargue to you and me. It’s home to a pink lake, wild horses and even large flocks of wild Flamingos.

The personality of Nimes suits that laid back, yet very luxury Mediterranean lifestyle. It’s all about looking good, feeling comfortable and enjoying the finer things in life, like a good cheese or a fine wine. That’s exactly why Nimes came about, it’s a brand that has been crafted to perfect the urban streetwear look, in a market that was once saturated with poor quality garments and most importantly – bad jeans.

Nimes hopped onto the scene with the launch of their flagship product; Nimes Super Skinny Spray on Jeans in September 2016 in an attempt to tackle the bad jeans pandemic, with a product that quickly gave Nimes a name as a notorious streetwear denim producer. From the launch of their very first jeans, Nimes is now responsible for some of the best-selling streetwear pieces at Urban Celebrity, including:

Nimes Super Skinny Spray on Jeans | Black, Non-Ripped

Nimes Super Skinny Spray on Jeans | Black, Ripped & Repaired

Nimes Super Skinny Spray on Jeans | Midnight Blue, Ripped & Repaired

Nimes Double Tape T-Shirt | Dusty Pink

Nimes Core T-Shirt | Black

Nimes Hooded Puffer Jacket | Grey

So, what’s it like to wear Nimes?

There’s no denying that Nimes is a luxury brand. Their clothing is made from the highest quality fabrics and materials with a perfect fit to match. The designers at Nimes know exactly how clothes should look, feel and fit. Nimes designs are always one step ahead of the trend, whether it’s a bold stated print, colourful stripes or even a toned-down simple t-shirt, every single product that Nimes launches has been designed in a conscious way. They aren’t just throwing out new lines for the sake of it, each Nimes garment has been created with cutting-edge street fashion in mind.

The flagship Nimes Super Skinny Spray on Jeans are incredibly comfortable. How many pairs of men’s skinny jeans have you worn that don’t leave you with much space to breathe? You don’t get that with Nimes, in fact it’s almost as if every pair was created for you and you only. The fit is honestly impeccable and that’s simply down to the attention to detail that goes into their design and manufacture.

The crew at Nimes are obviously working hard to ensure that their brand really does remain the top of its game. Men’s urban streetwear is all about being bold, standing out and wearing quality products that are often available at an affordable price without compromising on that luxury feel. It’s a competitive market, one that few manage to survive. They might still be fresh on the scene, but we can see that Nimes are here for the long haul, these first three years are just the start and it’s there’s so much more to come from this brand.

Long live Nimes and long live the spray on skinny jean look, have you copped your pair yet?

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