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The new KING on the Street | Proof that hard work pays off

Urban streetwear is all about representation. You don’t wear your favourite brand by chance, you wear it because it represents your commitment to style and because it shows all those around you the graft and toil that you put into your presentation. You want to look good; you work hard to look good and you deserve to wear and represent your favourite brands as a result of that.

That’s why we’re really excited to be adding KING into our growing catalogue of street conscious brands. KING is the perfect example of just how hard work really does pay off in the super-fast paced street fashion industry.

KING is a brand that is being noticed, in fact you’ve probably seen KING garments feature on the new Netflix take on Top Boy, a gritty ‘streets of London’ based series and sequel to the hit series, Top Boy – Summerhouse which first launched in 2011. So, why Top Boy? Well to understand that, first we need to take a look at exactly what KING is.

Introducing KING

KING (sometimes known as KING Apparel) hails back to the East End of London, way back in 2003 when the humble working-class surroundings of the time inspired its creators to design a clothing brand that was able to compete with the early noughties surge in American street apparel. It’s no secret that US fashions have inspired many creators within the UK street fashion industry. Make no mistake though, when KING set out to put their own twist on the trans-Atlantic trend, they did more than take inspiration, they took a style, flipped it over and filled it with influence from local sounds, design and sports.

Like any true urban streetwear brand, KING is one that draws it’s influence from more than just fashion, it’s a community that’s inspired by the world around it.

Colossal Growth

Fashion is a competitive industry, that didn’t stop KING on their mission for domination though. After receiving backing from The Prince’s Trust in 2003, the crew launched their first collection that June. Before long, KING had collaborated with some of the hottest urban musicians of the time, including emerging rap stars Plan B and Wretch 32. KING even saw collaboration with leading headwear brands, New Era and Starter, proving their worth as not just a standalone brand, but a streetwear brand able to stand up alongside some hugely established movements.

The important thing about KING is that its essence is one that has been crafted from truly working-class origins. Its location, its style and its presentation speak out, giving those who might struggle to find their voice, a real opportunity to talk through the clothing they choose to wear. Even to this day, with all their successes in the bag, KING is still located in Stratford – now working on global domination from their humble East London HQ.

All KING garments are crafted to the highest quality, mixing cutting edge British design with European materials. Their work ethic is tough – you get nothing in life without grafting for it, a principle that KING has been built upon. The attention to detail that goes into their clothing truly is second to none. They collaborate, they innovate, and they create unique streetwear which is ideal for the style conscious man who has a statement to make.

Top Boy, have you seen it?

It’s all the hype at the moment. Top Boy – the British street drama has been given a huge boost through a collaboration between Netflix and rap sensation Drake. Top Boy stars major UK talents such as Kano, Dave and Ashley Walters and depicts the murky truths behind British street culture and working-class life for people in London.

During the production of season three which is now available on Netflix, KING was invited to work alongside the Top Boy production team to develop authentic wardrobes for many of the characters in the series.

Here’s what the KING crew have had to say about the experience:

“Critically acclaimed and a milestone in the development and recognition for UK urban culture, it is an honour to be so closely involved in a show that is eye opening, educational and explores often untouched themes and hopefully will be the start of more creative collaborations between Top Boy and King. A big salute to Ashley Walters who we have worked with for the last few years and an actor and individual who we believe is set for the main stage.”

The result? The Bethnal Range – an exclusive collection designed alongside the team at Top Boy, with clothing by KING featuring across the series. Staying true to their roots, KING have released very limited runs of clothing in the collection, giving both fans of KING and the Top Boy series a chance to own a true piece of history. Once these garments have sold, they are gone, no repeats and no re-runs. Like a fine dubplate, the Bethnal Range is on fire and truly in demand, yet remains strictly limited.

Can you see why we’re so excited about this brand? KING is dominating and it’s changing the way people view the street fashion industry. Shoppers at Urban Celebrity know clothing is more than just about the way you look, it’s about the way you feel too. Put on a KING hat and a KING t-shirt, then tell us how you feel. We bet you’ll feel pretty damn good.

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