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Not going to feed anyone a lie and say I’ve always been a mad Superdry fan, because I haven’t. As much as the quality has always been there, for me it was just never edgy enough, nor did it have the street style that I represent daily. After seeing Urban’s Superdry offering, my opinion was changed, surprisingly. I feel the brand has stepped up their game regarding style, and are pushing out some dope products. Tees that hug perfectly, sweaters that offer endless comfort, and patched denim.


Sixth June

Yo! Nathan here. I wanted to take 10 to give an opinion on a brand. A brand that I feel is a lot more than just a label. This label being Sixth June…A streetwear brand that was founded in Paris in 2008. I’ve always been a fan of the label due to their consistent reactiveness to current fashion trends, Backed up with premium design and execution, it’s a brand i feel deserve some hype. For me, a highlight of Sixth June is their consistency in improving product design . Always... Read More



Health & Fitness is a big part of my life and over the years it has definitely become a staple in my daily activities. I try to hit the gym 6 days a week, but occasionally I may be travelling, or in a situation where this regular routine may be broken. For example, today there was no gym. No fancy equipment and no structure to a session that I would normally have! Instead it was fresh autumn air, empty roads and nothing but a positive mindset that I’d have to... Read More



For me SikSilk have always smashed the denim game. This pair in particular are a great way to show some style. Fitted lowers, ankle zips, loose fit upper and a dropped crotch make these a dope choice for layering! The dropped crotch gives you enough visible denim to layer tees wIthout hiding the denim itself, Adding yet another aspect of styling to the outfit! In my opinion an item that is overly underrated. Repping a long or curved hem tee not only adds another layer but also showcases each item... Read More


Top Puma Picks

Firstly ‘triple white’… The most versatile colour way of kicks. No need to list garms I’d pair these with… Effortlessly worn with any attire! Ignite tooling, evoknit engineered and an overall clean look. Say no more. Copped!



Well, what can we possibly say…Vans are more than just a shoe, beloved by skaters, musicians, artists and models. Starting off with a team of four, and now a global empire, the shoe brand offer a diverse range of merchandise. Whether you’re looking for the classic old school black/White or one of the awesome Peanuts Collaboration, you’re in the right place!


levi’s Line 8

Designed for the young and rebellious, Line 8 is a modern take on Levi’s® iconic style. Simple clothes with bold, unexpected details. Ideal for sharp contemporary outfitting with a laid-back feel. All our Levi’s are available in 3 lengths! Regardless of how you wear them, we have them ready for you.

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urban Celebrity EXCLUSIVE – Jameson Carter

We’re delighted to announce that we’re now stocking luxury brand Jameson Carter. Their range of luxury Suede or Mesh Truckers caps are the perfect accessory for any occasion. At the moment the only place you can purchase these luxury caps in the UK is from UrbanCelebrity.com Founded in 2015, Jameson Carter official has finally made its expected appearance as an independent online brand. Branching out in the world of luxury accessories, we are excited to bring our Jameson Carter caps. As a brand we are looking forward to becoming an... Read More


Nathan’s Pumpkin protein bars

Halloween is approaching and so is the nasty high sugar levels! Keep the body fuelled, repaired and in check with my mega tasty non bake chocolate, peanut butter & pumpkin seed protein bars! 100% natural ingredients packed with protein & good fats, these chewy bars are simple, mad tasty and fully beneficial to my active lifestyle. INGREDIENTS * 4 scoops of chocolate whey protein (I use GoNutrition whey) (WADZ20 for 20% of orders) * 200g oats * 40g pumpkin seeds * 60g sweet cranberries * 100g natural peanut butter *... Read More


11 Degrees – Joss & Rogan

EXCLUSIVE: Check Out The Latest 11 Degrees Brand Ambassadors Looks like 11 Degrees have done some recruiting… health and fitness fanatics Rogan O’Connor and Joss Mooney are the latest brand ambassadors signed up to represent the brand that everyone is loving right now!! Chatting with 11 Degrees, they said, “We’re hoping our new brand ambassadors, Rogan and Joss, will bring another element to the brand. With our upcoming gym range launch they are the perfect guys to model the gear and we can’t wait to share the campaign with everyone within... Read More